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We Direct Bill To Your Insurance

Our office is striving to make it easier for our patients to get their dental work done. We will fill out and file your insurance forms at no charge. This way, you will end up paying only the portion that the insurance company does not cover. This portion varies according to your dental plan and can be paid at the end of each dental appointment. If you are unsure of your coverage, we are able to send a pre- estimate to your company, before any treatment is done. We will do all we can to assure you of maximum benefits. There are no guarantees however, and payment for dental service is due regardless of the benefits paid by your insurance and is the patient's responsibility.


Our office wants all of our patients to be able to comfortably afford dental care. We proudly offer the following financial policy so that our patients can have the opportunity to decide which payment option best suits your needs.


  • Cash

  • Credit Cards

  • Debt Cards

  • Insurance Benefits (direct payment)

We would be happy to work with you to plan out the most appropriate arrangements for your budget.

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Suite 101, 1854 Southview Dr SE
Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 8L9

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Suite 101, 1854 Southview Dr SE
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