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Sports Dentistry

We offer sports dentistry services to our patients. We have dental options that covers the prevention and treatment of dental and facial injuries sustained by participants in any sporting events, particularly those in contact sports. Though sports injuries are common, injuries to the mouth, jaw, and teeth can be avoided or minimized with the use of a properly fitted mouthguard.

Our dentists know that mouthguards are not only important for players that deal with contact sports such as boxing, football, martial arts and more. It is also recommended for other sports such as soccer, baseball, wrestling and gymnastics where players may experience unnecessary injuries to their mouth, jaw, and teeth, which can be prevented by wearing a properly fitted mouthguard.

Dr. Brian West and his team will ensure proper fit and function of your child's mouthguard to help prevent certain dental injuries during sports activities. After all, it is important to protect your child's smile for health and aesthetic reasons. Be rest assures that here at Park Meadows Dental we offer, dental trauma treatment, endodontic, restorative, aesthetic and prosthodontics dentistry for all athletes.

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Suite 101, 1854 Southview Dr SE
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Suite 101, 1854 Southview Dr SE
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