If you’re experiencing sudden and extreme pain in your mouth or bleeding gums that won’t stop, see an emergency dentist immediately. They can relieve pain, stop the bleeding, and determine the underlying cause of the dental issue.

While some problems clearly call for an emergency dentist, in Medicine Hat there are certain situations that may or may not be a dental emergency. While we can be extremely careful with our teeth, unfortunately, dental emergencies do happen through injury, trauma, or an ongoing condition. 

If you’re experiencing any of the following, call Park Meadows Dental at 403-527-9833 or visit our clinic where our emergency dentists take walk-ins.

Different types of dental emergencies

  • Chipped or broken tooth – While most chipped or broken teeth are not considered dental emergencies, sometimes the damage moves up toward the gums, which can lead to other problems. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, there are a few cosmetic options available that can restore the tooth and blend in with your natural surrounding teeth.
  • Knocked-out tooth – A knocked-out tooth is definitely considered a dental emergency and the sooner you see an emergency dentist, the better the chances of saving your natural tooth. Gently pick the tooth up by the crown (the chewing surface), being careful not to touch the root. Place the tooth in a glass of milk and head to our dental clinic right away. Quick, careful action can save your natural tooth.
  • Severe or sudden toothache  – Any severe or sudden pain should never be ignored. Head to your dentist right away at the onslaught of pain – it could indicate a severe infection which needs to be treated immediately before it spreads and causes serious problems.
  • Continuous bleeding – One of the most common causes of bleeding that won’t stop is after a dental procedure, an injury, or trauma to the gums. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped for more than an hour, see our emergency dentist. We will determine what’s causing the bleeding and apply the proper treatment. 

What to do during a dental emergency

When you’re experiencing a dental emergency, a rule of thumb is to act fast but carefully. It’s important to get to an emergency dentist as soon as possible and take the following steps in the meantime:

  • Stay calm – While it may be easier said than done, panicking won’t help the situation. Take a few deep breaths and try to assess the situation, which will help you react carefully and prevent any further damage. 
  • Ask a friend or family member for help – When you’re in severe pain or distress, it’s hard to think clearly and drive yourself to the dentist’s office. You not only put yourself at risk but others on the road as well. 
  • Use ice to alleviate pain and swelling – Avoid putting aspirin or numbing gel on the gums to alleviate pain as it can irritate the gums and cause more issues. Instead, apply a cold compress to the outside of the cheek where the pain is to help relieve pain and swelling temporarily. 
  • Add pressure to bleeding gums – Bleeding that doesn’t stop or slow down after an hour is not normal. Hold a piece of gauze in a place where the bleeding is and add some pressure as you head to your emergency dentist.

Where to find emergency dental services in Medicine Hat

Dental emergencies should not be ignored. If you have a dental emergency, give us a call or visit our Park Meadows Dental clinic in Medicine Hat for walk-in emergency dental services. We offer direct billing to insurance for convenience and a hassle-free experience.


Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - registered dentist on November 13, 2022

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