Our teeth’s natural colour ranges from light grey to yellow shades and naturally darkens with age. The accumulation of surface stains can be affected by consuming certain foods, coffee, soft drinks, and tobacco products. Teeth whitening can be an effective way to lighten these surface stains if done correctly.

Teeth whitening dental clinic in Medicine Hat
Teeth whitening in Medicine Hat


The teeth whitening industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, highlighting consumer interest in achieving a whiter looking smile. While at-home teeth whitening kits are safe, a professional dental clinic in Medicine Hat can determine the cause of the tooth discolouration and recommend the correct treatment.

Let’s take a closer look at how professional teeth whitening is done.

What can I expect with professional teeth whitening?

When you schedule a teeth whitening appointment with a dental clinic in Medicine Hat, your dentist will first assess your teeth to confirm whether the treatment will be effective. This is because not all tooth discolourations will respond to teeth whitening treatments, especially for patients who have undergone root canal procedures, have fillings, crowns, or have dark stains on the anterior teeth. Your dentist will then recommend the best course of action based on your assessment.

How professional teeth whitening works

Dental clinics typically use products with a higher dose of hydrogen peroxide, which affects how long it can be applied for and should only be administered by a professional. Your dentist may suggest one of three methods for whitening your teeth, depending on your individual situation:

  1. Applying the whitening product on your stained teeth and use heat or light to start the bleaching process.
  2. A custom-made mouthguard filled with the whitening product.
  3. Brushing with the special whitening product mixed in with toothpaste.

Can my teeth be whitened if I’ve had a root canal?

If your tooth has changed colour because of a root canal, it can be altered with non-vital bleaching, which is done on teeth no longer “alive”. Non-vital bleaching can whiten your tooth from the inside out.

The whitening method is called vital bleaching to lighten stains for living teeth that have become stained by food, certain drinks, or tobacco.

Final thoughts

Effective teeth whitening depends on the tooth and your specific situation, not the product used. Some stains can take months to whiten regardless of which method you choose. While at-home teeth whitening kits can be effective, they’re not made for your individual needs.

What your dentist can do is ensure that you achieve the desired results. Patients often express more confidence with a whiter smile, making professional teeth whitening worth the cost and the time.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grew - D.D.S. on January 14, 2021

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