Park Meadows Dental team always treat you with kindness and respect. We are here to help you with all your dental concerns. Our dentists have the qualifications required to provide you with the services you need. To be a licensed dentist in Canada, you are required to possess a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)/DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)/DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) accreditation. A dentist also needs to be certified by NDEB (The National Dental Examining Board of Canada). You can be assured that all our dentists possess the required licenses and certification.

Meet Our Team

Your dentist has a passion for helping you with your oral health routine. Staying up to date with current dental practices and techniques is a way Park Meadows Dental provides optimal services. It is our mission to give you dental treatments that keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Your Smile is Important to us

Your smile is usually the first thing that gets noticed when you walk into a room. Keeping that smile glowing is what we aim for.

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