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In addition to our regular dental services, we can help you with issues like sleep apnea, TMJ treatments, and space maintainers.

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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can help with everything from gum contouring and bacterial reduction to precision treatments for cavities and ulcer removal. Lasers are used as a less invasive method to perform certain dental services will very little discomfort or bleeding. Ask your dentist about laser options for your specific treatment. Some benefits are better accuracy and precision and quicker recovery compared to traditional dental options.

Sleep Apnea and Snore Guards

Park Meadows Dental can help you with sleep apnea issues. Often snoring goes hand in hand with sleep apnea but there are ways to help solve these problems. Devices such as tongue retainers and snore guards are successful in treating patients whose airways are blocked. Problems associated with sleep apnea include increased risk of stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart problems. Your dentist can help you correct snoring issues that lead to sleep apnea.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ, also referred to as TMJD can cause you a whole lot of pain and suffering. It can make it difficult to eat, speak, and breathe. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction causes discomfort to the joints on either side of your mouth. This condition needs to be treated to prevent further issues associated with it. As the pain from TMJ becomes more severe, it can affect your daily routine. Symptoms of this disease are head and neck aches, ringing in the ears, difficulty chewing, pain around the ear, numbness in arms and fingers as well as the inability to open and close your mouth. Park Meadows Dental team has comprehensive treatment plans to assist you in dealing with TMJ.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are commonly used in children when a primary tooth dislodges from their mouth prematurely. When the permanent tooth is not ready to grow into the space it could cause the other teeth to shift leaving no room for that tooth to grow. Space maintainers can be made from plastic or metal and are either fixed or removable, preventing crooked teeth in both children and adults. These maintainers eliminate a variety of orthodontic issues. If you lose a tooth as an adult, you face the same problems as a child with teeth shifting into the vacant space. Space maintainers hold the space open until a replacement either grows in or is inserted in place.

Speak with one of our professional team members at Park Meadows Dental to discuss all the dental services we offer. You can also come into our office for a visit and meet your new dentist before you decide on any treatments.

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