Laser Dentistry at Medicine Hat

Did you know that laser technology can help treat certain dental concerns? Many people are afraid of the dentist or have hypersensitivity in their teeth and with laser dental technology, pain and fear can be eliminated. Laser technology can be used as an alternative to traditional methods by substituting light energy for drills and other dental tools.

A narrow focused light beam can be used to remove or reshape gum tissue. Lasers can also be used to cut through the various parts of your teeth. With this technology, soft tissue lasers can seal off nerve endings and blood vessels. When your dentist needs the strength to cut through the tooth itself, a hard tissue laser is used to perform the treatment.

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What treatments can be performed with soft tissue lasers?

  • Reshaping of your gum tissue to correct gummy smiles
  • Crown lengthening helps restore the health of your teeth and provide better overall oral health.
  • Speech impediments can be corrected with a laser frenectomy. The soft fold of skin underneath your tongue can be reshaped to assist with issues such as tongue tie or a child who may have difficulty drinking breast milk due to an issue with the frenulum.

What treatments are performed with hard tissue lasers?

  • Lasers can detect tooth decay early
  • Prepare your teeth for treatments like fillings. Help kill bacteria to assist with oral hygiene
  • Seal tubules on the root of your tooth to alleviate sensitivity

Other laser treatments

  • Lasers allow the dentist to see inside your tooth or gum tissue safely.
  • Lasers treatments are used to remove benign tumours from your gums, palate, cheeks, and lips without the need for stitches.
  • Reshaping your throat to relieve symptoms causing sleep apnea and difficulty breathing.
  • Helps reduce the pain and inflammation of Temporomandibular or TMJ.
  • Regeneration of nerves, blood vessels, and scars
  • Reduce pain and healing time from cold sores
  • Helpful to decrease the time for the bleaching process in a professional teeth whitening treatment

Laser dentistry is not performed in every dental office. Park Meadows Dental wants to provide you with options for your dental treatments. Ask about our laser dentistry to see if this technology is a good fit for your circumstances.

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