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Who needs to get a mouthguard? If you need to protect your teeth from injury during sports or if you have a bad habit of grinding your teeth, you are a good candidate for a mouthguard. Your dentist might also suggest a mouthguard if you have braces or a dental bridge. A mouth guard fits over your teeth and gums to cushion them in case of an incident or to help prevent wearing your teeth down from grinding them during your sleep.

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What Kinds of Mouthguards are Available?


A mouthguard can be custom made to the exact shape of your teeth and gums. This optimum mouthguard is made from a thermoplastic material to match a cast model of your teeth. It provides great fit and comfort and is often the choice for people with active lifestyles.

*Over the counter mouthguards are available but do not provide the same fit and protection as a custom-made one. If you decide to buy one from the store here are some options:


Three sizes available, small, medium and large. These mouth guards are warmed in very hot water then placed inside your mouth to form to your bite. You will often see this type of mouthguard used for school sporting activities. They help protect your teeth but are slightly bulky.


This type of mouthguard offers the least amount of protection. The rubber or polyvinyl material they are made from is held in place while clenching your teeth together.

Cleaning your mouthguard

Cleaning Your Mouthguard

You need to keep your mouthguard clean by regularly rinsing it before and after use. You can use toothpaste, mouthwash or cleaning tablets to help aid in the process. Keep your mouthguard away from heat when not in use and store it in a container with small holes so it can breathe. Make sure your mouthguard and container are completely dry before storing it to prevent bacterial growth.

Mouthguards will wear out over time. When you notice a hole or rip in your mouthguard, you need to replace it. Depending on the use and type of mouthguard, generally, you will replace it every couple of years. The other reason you want to replace your mouthguard is to prevent spreading bacteria that may cause throat infections.

Professional custom-fit mouthguards work well to keep your teeth protected. Ask your Park Meadows dentist about getting one today

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