Tooth-Coloured Fillings at Medicine Hat

The use of silver mercury fillings has been replaced with amalgam-free fillings. Not only do these tooth-coloured fillings look better but you can be confident knowing that they are strong and ideal for filling cavities on any of your teeth. This filling type bonds to your tooth with ease therefore less of your original tooth needs to be drilled away. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you and with tooth-coloured fillings, no one will even know you have had dental work done. Park Meadows Dental can assist you with more than just fillings. If your teeth need replacement, a root canal or a crown, we can help you keep that natural-looking smile for years to come.

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So, why do I need a filling in the first place? A decaying tooth is a recipe for disaster. It may not hurt or cause you any trouble initially but if you avoid getting a cavity filled you may end up needing more than a tooth-coloured filling. Decay can work its way down into the root and pulp of your tooth, leading to an abscess. Abscessed teeth can cause toxins to enter your body, making you feel ill. Worst case scenario, you could end up losing your tooth. Have your dentist regularly monitor your oral health with visits twice a year. This way if you end up with a cavity it can be filled to prevent further damage.

How did that cavity develop when I brush my teeth every day? Cavities are caused by poor diet, poor oral hygiene and acids resting on your teeth. Even though you brush your teeth regularly, some of the residues from your diet can remain on and around your teeth and gums. Professional cleaning and scaling will remove plaque and tartar that build up over time.

Tooth coloured fillings for repairs to chipped teeth

Tooth-Coloured Fillings for Repairs to Chipped Teeth

Fillings are used for more than cavities. Maybe you damaged your teeth during a sporting event or have a gap that you would like filled for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Tooth-coloured fillings can fix a fractured or chipped tooth and you will never know the difference between your original tooth and the repaired one. We can match the colour of your existing tooth to the filling to ensure the look you want. Your dentist at Park Meadows Dental can assess the damage to your teeth and give you treatment options personalized to your situation.

The process to repair or fill a tooth with a composite tooth-coloured filling does not take a lot of time. The area needs to be cleaned before the resin product is put in place. Your dentist will use a drill to make room for the filling and then in about one hour the process will be complete. The application of a tooth-coloured filling will protect your teeth from further decay and is almost as strong as the natural enamel. Of course, fillings can get damaged, but not to worry, a short visit back to the dentist for a quick and easy repair can be done in one appointment.

Park Meadows Dental can help you stay on track with your oral health. Whether you require a tooth-coloured filling, a tooth repair or check-up, our fully qualified dentists are happy to answer any questions you may have about our dental services. Keep your teeth looking and working great for years to come by continuing your home care routine of regular brushing and flossing.

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