Park Meadow Dental would like to wish you a happy holiday season and would like to take a moment and thank you for your support this year! Our entire staff works hard every day to provide our patients with exceptional service.  

Being a Medicine Hat-owned and operated business, we look forward to serving the fine people of our community in 2023 and beyond.

We would like to provide you with our top 3 dental tips for the upcoming holiday season! 

1. Exercise good dental habits, daily!

As the holiday season approaches, we are surrounded by candies, sugary foods, alcoholic beverages, etc. and we definitely can’t help but indulge. The more reasons we mustn’t skip a night of brushing our teeth and flossing. 

During the holidays, we sometimes tend to lose track of days, and if we don’t keep up with our dental routine it can throw off good daily dental habits!

2.  Stay Hydrated

It’s hard to avoid drinking alcohol during this holiday season, so we advise making sure you are drinking water in between. About 8-ounce glasses of water a day is recommended. It is a good reminder to drink water after you eat to wash away all the bacteria in your mouth.

Drinking water and staying hydrated will be beneficial not only to your oral but to your overall health. 

3. Don’t Ignore Toothaches

Be conscious of your teeth.

If you have any stinging, aching, or acute pains,  Book a dentist appointment with us as soon as possible. The discomfort you may be experiencing could become problematic if you choose to wait until after the holidays.

.. . And there is nothing worse than not being able to eat your favourite food and snacks during the holidays due to a toothache! 

Enjoy the Holidays! 

We hope you indulge in your favourite food and drinks this holiday season while being mindful of preserving your oral hygiene. To help you achieve excellent dental health, we offer:

From all of us here at Park Meadow Dental, thank you for your support in 2022  as we look forward to serving you in 2023!


Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - registered dentist on December 13, 2022

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