Are you getting ready to go with your child to their very first dental visit? Your child may be nervous about seeing your chosen dentist in Med Hat and you might be unsure what to expect for your child. To calm both of your nerves about the dentist, here is what you can do to prepare for their first-ever dentist appointment.

First, when should your child start going to the dentist?

Your little one should begin seeing a dentist as soon as their first tooth comes through their gums. The first tooth will appear before their first birthday.

Read books about seeing a dentist

Do you read to your child at night? If you answered yes, then take this opportunity to entertain your little one by reading books about visiting a dentist. Children’s books like Dr. Seuss’ “The Tooth Book” will give you and your little one insight into what will happen on the first visit to the dentist. These types of children’s books will put you both more at ease for the upcoming dentist appointment.

A book filled with fun pictures of a dentist’s office and the procedures helps your child to associate this activity in a positive, relaxing way.

What will likely happen the first time your child goes to the dentist in Medicine Hat?

The first visit will differ slightly depending on the age of your child, but usually, there will be an oral exam, x-rays, and cleaning. The initial visit is where your dentist gets to know you and your child. The dentist will want to know if your child has any allergies or anxieties about dental procedures. On a more personal level, your chosen dentist will likely ask what your little girl/boy likes to do for fun or what his/her favourite colour is.

Dentist Med Hat
Dentist Med Hat

The type of dentist to choose

Pediatric dentists are the ideal choice for your child’s first dentist because they specialize in children’s oral health issues. A pediatric dentist is used to dealing with a variety of children’s behaviours and knows how to calm the fears that often come with a first dental visit.

Ask ahead

If you want to know what to expect during your child’s first dental visit, then ask the dental staff to explain the step-by-step procedures. Having previous knowledge will allow you to let your child understand what will happen when they are in the dentist’s chair. An older child may ask you questions that can be answered before the visit to the dentist to help reduce their anxiety.

Get questions ready

Do you have questions for the dentist? Prepare a list of questions to ask so you and your little one can feel more comfortable during the dentist appointment. Remember, oftentimes your comfort level transfers to your child’s comfort so feeling confident with your child’s dentist will help attain a positive, calm visit.

Now you have a list of things to do to prepare your child for their dentist in Medicine Hat. Getting your child to the dentist at an early age is important because cavities can start as soon as that first tooth pops through the gums.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grew - D.D.S. on July 20, 2021

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